WWDC, the Defensive Patent License and more

It’s been a busy week for companies ranging from Apple to Quora: Apple made some big announcements at WWDC, while Quora increased its user base dramatically. We’ve also got some important reads, like what it was like to go through the sale of Opsware.

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What company, if any, will acquire Square?

What started out as a run-of-the-mill question on Quora has evolved into a deep discussion of the company’s business model. Combine that with Quora’s new hire for CFO (former Salesforce SVP Sarah Friar) and an announcement that Square is up to 2 million users accepting credit cards through the service, and it sounds like Quora is having a good week.

“Defensive Patent License” created to protect innovators from trolls

Patent law may be well-intentioned, but it’s also slowed innovation. The Defensive Patent License is an attempt to reduce the number of offensive lawsuits. It may not be a perfect solution, but it looks like it could be a step in the right direction if enough companies adopt it.

How Khan Academy is going global

Khan Academy is working to make its videos available internationally, and that means recruiting volunteers to subtitle each video in a variety of languages. It’s an interesting perspective of what a non-profit can do — and the effort is having an interesting SEO impact.

Apple’s WWDC news: Which announcements clicked, which products clanked and everything else you should know

Didn’t spend the past wekk glued to coverage of WWDC? Here’s what Apple announced, along with a little analysis to bring you up to speed.

Freemake predicts we will pay zero for music in 2013

The price of music has been dropping, especially with the advent of streaming services and other ways to buy music online. For single tracks, Freemake’s numbers say that prices will bottom out in 2013.

Selling the company

The sale of Opsware was a nerve-wracking process. John O’Farrell’s description of the sale highlights just how many things can go wrong, as well as how they can come out right if you’re willing to dig in.

Shifting hard to maker mode for the summer

Brad Feld has two modes: maker and manager. As a VC, he has to spend most of his time in manager mode — but for the summer, he’s looking at how to spend as much time in maker mode as possible.

Retro link of the week:

How cold calling (properly) works better than AdWords

Getting your project in front of people can be the biggest problem you face. Google AdWords may look like a simple solution, but Robert Graham suggests that cold-calling may be a lot more effective. He offers some starting points to see if you can actually create a cold-calling strategy for your startup.

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