Instagram’s milestone, the benefits of being lazy and more

Instagram hit a milestone this week (beyond its sale) of adding over one million users in just twelve hours. We’ve got a great link below on how the Instagram engineering team managed to keep everything going smoothly below. We’ve also got a link on a deep look at the WordPress economy today and an interview with a startup founder whose last exit hit $300 million. Check out these links and more below.

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Keeping Instagram up with over a million new users in twelve hours

The news of Instagram’s acquisition has overshadowed the company’s other big news this week: after Instagram’s Android app was rolled out, the startup added over one million new users in just twelve hours. Not only is the number mind-boggling, but if you think about keeping a site up under that load, you may just wind up with a whole new type of admiration for Instagram. Read just what the engineering team did in this post.

Serial entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal on turning obstacles into opportunities

Set aside ten minutes to watch this interview with Gurbaksh Chahal. Chahal started his first business at 16. Since then, he’s cashed out of two startups, for $40 million and $300 million respectively. He’s on his third startup now and has some excellent advice on how his obstacles actually wound up making him money.

Smashing Special: What’s going on in the WordPress economy?

WordPress has evolved into the platform to use for not just blogging, but for any content — and for a lot more. Developers are seeing major income from plugins and themes and is the basis for a variety of other online businesses. This post from Siobhan McKeown offers the in-depth discussion of the current WordPress economy you need if you want to be a part of that economy.

Promoting and documenting a small software project: VoIP Drupal update

Three weeks before DrupalCon, the team behind VoIP Drupal got together to plan how to promote and document the project. This article from Andy Oram includes some useful points about how to effectively document a smaller software project, particularly one that is open source or otherwise doesn’t have the resources for a technical writer to chase around the development team.

How Computers Are Creating a Second Economy Without Workers

Computers are taking jobs away from humans. It might sound like futuristic campaign jargon, but the reality is that computers do a lot of work that people used to do — and it looks like they’re only going to take on more jobs in the future. This second economy of computers offers nothing but opportunities for developers who can find new ways to handle existing work.

7 benefits to being a lazy entrepreneur

Laziness isn’t always a bad thing, particularly if you can make it into a business strategy. Matt Ackerson, the founder of PetoVera, advocates picking what you work on and actively choosing to work less in your new business, for some very good reasons.

Apple wants to make it easy for non-programmers to build iOS apps

Based on a new patent application, there are rumors going around that Apple will create WYSIWYG software for creating apps for its various hardware devices. I’m a little wary — a few too many lost hours spent trying to edit websites built in some code-free environment — but if these rumors are true, such a tool could help developers get to market much faster.

Retro link of the week:

What are some good examples of startup product demo videos?

This question on Quora pulled in a whole list of great startup product demo videos that can give you a head start in thinking about what will work for your own video.

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