Growth hacking, a hacker’s delight and more

A quick reader’s guide: Hacker’s Delight, by Henry S. Warren, Jr.

Hacker’s Delight first came out ten years ago and, since that time, it’s become a crucial reference book. The new edition adds entire chapters on cyclic redundancy checking and error correcting codes, as well as a slew of new algorithms and other hacks that can help a programmer build better software.

You can, and probably should, read the book straight through at least once to understand all the tools it places at your disposal. At times, Warren’s work is almost like exploring a puzzle: you can find solutions for problems you didn’t even know existed. Once you’ve made it all the way through, however, don’t just stick Hacker’s Delight on your reference shelf and forget about it. Keep it handy and make a point of implementing some of the hacks Warren describes. You may wind up with far better software than you expected.

Development: Teach yourself programming in ten years
This essay from Peter Norvig, the director of research at Google, takes apart the claim that many books make to teach you program in a few hours or days. This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the basics of programming relatively quickly, but it does mean that the more time you can put into programming, the better.

Funding: 2013 and the evolution of crowdfunding
With copyright fights and efforts to reduce fraud (or funded but uncompleted projects), crowdfunding still has room to improve in 2013.

Operations: LearningToWalk
This public repository from Filepicker is an evolving guide to growing a startup from the initial stages (“three people in a room”) to something larger (“a good group in an office”). It goes into the details that are easy to ignore when you’re first starting out, but that you absolutely have to deal with when you grow.

Marketing: Growth hacking: The tale of a marketer who writes code
Growth hacking is a hybrid pursuit, requiring both coding and marketing skills. It can be a fairly nebulous pursuit, for all it’s emphasis on data, because good definitions of what growth hacking includes are still evolving. This post by Hartley Brody breaks down his own experiences as a growth hacker, focusing on the marketing end of things.

Beyond Tech: Looks like PBS made a ‘Silicon Valley’ TV show that could really be worth watching
Bravo’s ‘Silicon Valley’ reality TV show hasn’t exactly been a runaway hit. But PBS has announced a new documentary on the early roots of Silicon Valley that may redeem the area in the eyes of TV watchers.

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