Framework benchmarks, FAQ copywriting and more

A quick reader’s guide: Pioneers of Digital, by Paul Springer and Mel Carson

This book is something of a catalog of people who have created the world we’re working in today — not the names we all know, but the people who have pioneered working with websites, web apps and other opportunities online. These are the people who first recognized opportunities and made them viable. They include names like June Cohen, the creator of Webmonkey (a web development kit which you’ll remember if you’ve been in the game for a while) and the driving force between TED talks being offered online, as well as Avinash Kaushik, who is responsible for making web metrics an important part of working online.

We each hope to be the sort of person who will merit a chapter in a future edition of Pioneers of Digital. Reading the book may spark a new idea in you, but more importantly, it will show you some of the common characteristics of the sort of people who really do new things in this field. Characteristics like a willingness to experiment are crucial.

Development: Framework benchmarks

TechEmpower did some testing to actually determine which frameworks are fast, and the results are surprising. Some of the more popular frameworks, like Rails, are far down the list while Netty took first place. Take a look at where your preferred frameworks placed.

Funding: Professionalism, monetization and the inside of your head

CraftyPod may be a site devoted to crafting, but this post will resonate with anyone who wants to make money off of their creative work. To do that, you have to be in the right head space and think correctly about your work. You may also need to be be willing to upset the apple cart, if that’s what it takes.

Operations: 3 qualities to cultivate as a technical CEO

As a technical founder, it’s easy to get obsessed with the details, to the exclusion of operating the company. But a good CEO is well-rounded, with at least the three qualities recommended in this Under30CEO article.

Marketing: 8 tips for FAQ copywriting that will grow your sales

FAQs are a necessary part of offering new software — it’s impossible to build something that will be entirely intuitive to every potential buyer immediately. But that doesn’t mean that your FAQ can’t do double duty by bringing in some new sales, as well as clearning up some question ab how your software works.

Beyond Tech: Are you the disrupter or the disrupted?

Everyone wants to create that perfect app that disrupts an entire industry — these days, that’s code for making a ton of money. But just as you’re trying to disrupt industries, your own company may be disrupted. Daniel Burrus dives into the idea and comes up with some suggestions to make sure that you’re the one doing the disrupting.

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