Burning Entrepreneur, how startups are like roulette and more

A quick reader’s guide: Burning Entrepreneur by Brad Feld
Burning Entrepreneur is a collection of blog posts from Brad Feld’s blog. Provided you’re willing to go back and read through the entirety of his blog, you’re going to be able to access the same information without spending a couple of bucks on an ebook. Just the same, I recommend picking up a copy — there’s more here than just a collection. The choices made in terms of which posts to include put together a very tight glimpse at several topics, and there was definitely some editing done to make the whole thing a little more readable. It’s almost like reading a set of short essays, especially because Feld pulls in the opinions of several founders he’s invested in. It also integrates some of the best comments left on his blog.

The point behind Burning Entrepreneur is to be on fire. It’s more than inspirational: Feld wants readers to burn through their goals and actually accomplish something. That’s soemthing most of us can use.

Development Will Go be the new go-to programming language?
There are as many trends in programming languages as there are in fashion. Right now, Go is gaining in popularity. It’s not in the top five by a long shot, but there’s speculation that it may very well wind up there.

Funding: Roulette, startups and the paradox of the infinite bankroll
Jason Cohen breaks down how you can win at roulette — or succeed as a startup founder — provided that you have an infinite amount of money to work with. Of course, that’s the catch. But the parallel makes for some interesting points that can help you succeed in founding a startup, even with a finite amount of money in your pocket.

Operations: After the Techcrunch bump: life in the trough of sorrow
Most new products follow a very similar life cycle, including what Andrew Chen describes as the trough of sorrow. There’s both an emotional and an analytical approach necessary if you want your company to survive that particular period.

Marketing: Dear programmer, I have an idea
There’s a crunch in the amount of great coding talent out there, especially for those people looking for someone to come in and effectively work as a contractor to get a project up and running. That’s because it’s so easy for a good developer to go do her own thing. If you’re going to need someone to come in to help you with your project, you’re going to have to come up with a way to appeal to developers.

Beyond Tech: Diplomat killed in Libya told fellow gamers: Hope I don’t die tonight
During an attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya this week, the ambassador and three others were killed. One of those three was Sean Smith, a fact discovered quickly by two online communities he was a part of: EVE Online and the Something Awful forums. Those communities are rallying around his family and raising money for them.

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