An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, what fasting does to a programmer and more

Dalton Caldwell is making developers think twice about building on other companies’ platforms, while Kevin Rose answers questions in a reddit AMA. And, according to Brad Feld, venture capitalists are just like D&D characters.

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Dalton Caldwell’s open letter to Facebook lays out some major concerns that developers should consider when building a company on top of someone else’s platform. The letter is inciting some strong responses and, while Caldwell doesn’t allow comments, this Hacker News thread makes for some interesting supplemental reading.

I Am Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg. AMA!
Kevin Rose posted an AMA on reddit this week. While he answered a lot of the questions in the thread, Rose also has chosen to post video responses to a few, including on his biggest regrets at Digg.

Fasting and programming
Mahdi Yusuf, a programmer, is fasting this week in observance of Ramadan. It’s had a major impact on his coding, to the point that his coworkers refer to his output around this time as ‘Ramadan code’. Yusuf has written up his experiences, which are worth a read no matter your religion.

Data Stories: Interview with Hilary Mason
In this interview, Hilary Mason gives some insights into the ways that rely on data scientists.

Programmer time translation cheatsheet — or why programmers are bad at estimating times
With any project, it’s easy to underestimate the time you’ll need to actually finish it. This article makes an attempt to connect the estimates we make for coding projects with reality — and why estimates can be so dramatically off.

Two factor auth for everyone
If you’re working on any projects where security is a concern, check out Authy. The startup provides an API (not unlike Twilio) that can let you set up two-factor authentication very easily.

VCs are like D&D characters
Brad Feld was giving his standing talk on financing a startup to the current crop of TechStar Boulder companies, when he came across what may be the best way to explain VC archetypes ever.

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How to brainwash your startup into a lean culture
Farb Nivi, the founder of Grockit, moved the company to a lean approach after initially building a very different company culture. It took a year to get his team thinking in a new way. In this short interview, you can hear how he did it.

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