A revolutionary video game, a sketchnote on emotion in design and more

A major overhaul may not have the results you expect, as Patrick McKenzie found out with an in-depth redesign. He described how he tested the changes, in a post linked below. We’ve also found an incredible profile of Jonathan Blow, the developer of Braid, that focuses on his upcoming game, The Witness. There are a few really interesting interviews this week, with Brian Wong, Alexis Ohanian and Jo Overline, along with some other links worth clicking.

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The Most Dangerous Gamer

Jonathan Blow’s goal is to set game development on its head. This profile by Taylor Clark offers just enough insight into what that means to get me really excited — but not so much that anyone interested in game development won’t want more.

Graphite Mind’s doodle of Dave McClure’s talk at Startup Weekend Bay MEGA

Alexis Finch offers the greatest notes from conference talks, sketching out not only the words that make up a talk, but also adding the visuals that really get the meanings across. Her most recent sketchnote cover’s Dave McClure’s talk on designing for emotion — but it’s worth digging through the archives on her site.

Brian Wong to young entrepreneurs: “Assume that nobody gives a shit about you”

After a stint at Digg and founding his own startup (Kiip), all before turning 21, Brian Wong keeps getting compared to that other young startup founder, Mark Zuckerberg. But Wong’s not so impressed with the comparison and he thinks young entrepreneurs need to focus on building something awesome, not getting attention.


Finding the right person to work with on a creative project — or finding a cofounder for a startup — can be difficult. Most of us turn to our friends, but they may be too busy or uninterested to help. CollabFinder is a tool for finding collaborators who are specifically interested in working on cool projects. I wouldn’t immediately jump into a startup with someone you meet over the internet, but you can use CollabFinder to find some people to work on small projects as trial runs.

Ugly Meter: How to make $1/2 mil destroying kids’ self-esteem – with Jo Overline

Andrew Warner interviewed Jo Overline, one of the creators behind Ugly Meter and Ugly Meter Pro. These two apps have hit the top of iTunes’ rankings and have been downloaded five million times.

I redesigned my software. Users: thrilled. Conversion rates: up. Sales: unchanged.

Patrick McKenzie created a piece of software, Bingo Card Creator, several years ago. He decided to do an overhaul in April and test it against the old version. He broke down the tests he did and the results he got, including some unexpected numbers on actual sales. If you’re trying to decide how to iterate a project, this is a must read.

Sooo many startups coming out everyday. Is the web/market getting saturated?

This question on OnStartups has some intriguing answers. There are a lot of startup niches that can seem saturated, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enter them if you’ve got something different to throw into the mix.

Retro link of the week:

Exit interview: reddit’s Alexis Ohanian

Conde Nast purchased reddit in 2006. Founder Alexis Ohanian stayed with the company through 2009. In this interview from 2011, Ohanian discusses the acquisition and how he felt about leaving reddit.

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